Camelots Air Rifle Club

Camelots Air Rifle Club

Camelots Opens for business.

Open for Business

Camelots Air Rifle Club
The rain held off in Blyth, Doncaster on the morning of September 16th 2023, the grounds of Camelot’s Airgun Club came alive with the sharp crack of air rifles and the excited chatter of gun enthusiasts in the air. This day marked the official opening of Camelot’s Airgun Club, and it was a resounding success that highlighted the club’s journey from a humble patch of field to showing signs of becoming a thriving hub for air rifle shooting in the UK.

Their ambitions have been clear from the beginning.. to become the go-to destination for shooters at all levels. From beginners seeking guidance who are just getting into the sport to seasoned marksmen or competition shooters looking for a place to home their skills. Camelots have been documenting their progress online and on their social media and have attracted the air rifle communities attention.
camleots humble beginnings patch of field
The feedback we had from the opening day was extremely positive, everyone was very happy with the facilities and the atmosphere down there, they we’re very positive about the pricing for membership and they told some horror stories of being over charged on top of their membership subs at other ranges in the area, feeling that they didn’t get value for their money” – Camelots Team

They had Warren Edwards (the master stock maker) who has been heavily involved in the design and planning of the woodland FT & Hunter Field target Range and the pistol range at the club. They also had Mooredges Airguns and Country Clothing down there promoting their products and services as well as Hawke Optics showing what they are all about too.
Warren Edwards stock maker trying out the woodland hunter field target course at Camelots Airgun Club in Doncaster
Membership starts at just £20 per month! which is astounding for the facilities they have down there and in times like these the affordable pricing is welcomed. Membership allows members to come and go as they please within the opening hours of the range.

The success of Camelot’s Airgun Club’s opening day is just the beginning of what promises to be a bright future for the club. With a growing and passionate community of gun enthusiasts, top-notch facilities, and a commitment to excellence, the club is well on its way to achieving its ambition of becoming one of the best air rifle shooting venues in the UK. Camelot’s have a lot of exciting prospects in the works such as holding competitions and monthly events so watch this space and tell all your friends about South Yorkshire’s most exciting air rifle club.


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Camelots Airgun Club

Camelot’s Airgun Club, set in a scenic environment, offers a welcoming community for airgun enthusiasts. It features diverse shooting courses and hosts regular competitions, emphasizing safety, skill-building, and camaraderie for shooters of all levels.

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