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Camelots Air Rifle Club

A Thrilling Day at Camelot’s Airgun Club: Our First Ever Members Sticks’ Shooting Competition

The Camelot’s Airgun Club recently witnessed an exhilarating day as it hosted its very first ‘Sticks’ shooting competition for it’s growing members community. The first ever members sticks shoot took place on Sunday 28th January. Nestled in the serene yet challenging setting of the FT & HFT woodland course, this event marked a significant milestone in the club’s history. The competition was more than just a test of skill; it was a celebration of community and sportsmanship.

A Day of Precision and Skill

The event kicked off with members showcasing their prowess in the ‘sticks’ shoot competition. ‘Sticks’ shooting, for those unfamiliar, requires remarkable steadiness and precision, as shooters balance their airguns on sticks for support. This adds an extra layer of challenge, distinguishing it from traditional shooting practices.

Following the intense and skillful display in the woodland course, the competition shifted to the silhouettes range. Here, members demonstrated their accuracy and control in a different setting, adding variety and excitement to the day’s proceedings.

Celebrating Our Champions

The competition was fierce, with members displaying exceptional talent and dedication. Emerging victorious was Joe Shields, who clinched the first place with an impressive 45 points, using a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) airgun. Hot on his heels was Alan Paramore, who secured the second spot with 44 points, also using a PCP airgun. Not far behind, and notably using a springer, was Jim Carlin, who earned a well-deserved third place with 43 points.

An interesting twist to the event was the participation of our very own YouTube personality, Ray Ray from Camelot’s Country Sports. Ray Ray scored an outstanding 49 points but gracefully withdrew from the competition, highlighting the friendly spirit of the event.

More Than Just a Competition

The success of the day went beyond the scores and trophies. As echoed in a snippet from a recent Facebook post: “A great day was had by all, and well done to everyone who took part, you made us proud, absolutely brilliant shooting.” This sentiment captures the essence of the day – it was a gathering that celebrated shared passions and fostered a sense of community among the members.

Looking Ahead

The excitement doesn’t end here. The Camelot’s Airgun Club is already gearing up for its open competition at the end of February, promising another day of skillful shooting and camaraderie. Details for this event are eagerly awaited and will be announced soon.

As we reflect on the success of this inaugural competition, we are reminded of the club’s dedication to promoting the sport of airgun shooting in a safe, competitive, and enjoyable environment. It’s not just about hitting the targets; it’s about the people, the laughs, the cheers, and the memories created along the way.

Below is a video from the event, capturing the spirit and highlights of the day. Stay tuned for more updates, and here’s to many more successful events at Camelot’s Airgun Club! 🎯🔫👏


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